Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jehovah Jireh: My Great Provider

I just gotta tell you about this God I know. He is truly amazing. Not only is He able and willing to save the wicked of sinners like me who hated Him until He gave me a new heart and life in Christ, but He provides over and above anything we could ask, pray, or hope for from His hands.

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:38

What I find truly amazing is even should we lack in giving He is still faithful in returning His kindness upon us.

I want to share a story with you that just happened to a dear brother in Christ.

On Friday this brother was headed down the interstate to go to the play and support a young lady from our church who was performing in a school musical. On the way he was in a bad car accident after hitting the median to avoid another car. His car was destroyed and by God's grace he walked away with minor injuries compared to what it could have been. He did need 14 staples in his head but was home that evening with little pain.

The first way God began to receive glory in this situation (besides keeping this brother relatively safe) was by the overwhelming peace this brother seemed to possess in the situation. With limited funds and collision only insurance most people would freak out and be greatly anxious over what would be next for them. While this brother may have had some such anxiety what shone forth greatly was a peace and trust in a sovereign God. Knowing that God could easily have prevented the accident, but yet choice to ordain it that in some way He would be glorified. That is not peace that comes from within oneself, bur from the Spirit of God dwelling in a repentant heart that trusts in Christ.

God was certain to prove that trust with evidence in multiple ways including the tremendous outpouring of love from His church into this brothers life. He was sharing that a great deal of families made sure to call or text and confirm that he was okay and some checked in multiple times. He so enthusiastically spoke of this encouragement that it was a wonderful reminder of the work of God in our church for surely we eclectic, strange, nerdy group of people would never be so supportive and loving in and of ourselves.

This is the beauty of the bride of Christ, the Church. We love, care, support, and when need be even rebuke one another as we grow in holiness and the likeness of our Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

There was yet one other way that God showed how great He is to His children. As this brother was sharing testimony of the outpouring of love God laid something truly exceptional on another member of the church's heart. God had worked in Him that this member would give one of his families cars to this brother.

Now that might be a nice story if this were coming from an older established family that had a nice career, but I think God wanted to show off a little bit more than that.

And when God wants to show off He doesn't take the usually take the billionaire and have him give away a couple grand. No, He takes the poor widow and blesses her to give her last few pennies.

This wasn't a widow though. This was a young couple with one child and a second on the way. Wealthy by no means and actually using a tax return to pay off the car they just gave away to this brother in need asking absolutely nothing in return. Simply seeing a member of the body of Christ in need and offering assistance.

Now those outside the Church will look at something like this and speak about how nice that couple was and how giving, but they'll miss the point entirely.

This couple isn't just nice and giving they are new creations in Christ with new hearts that love other Christians just as much if not more than themselves.

Some may mock such altruistic behavior, like Ayn Rand in Atlas shrugged, but the people of God know what a great blessing it is not only to the recipient, but for the giver as well.

That is what my God is like. He takes selfish human hearts and great them peace in dire circumstances. He pours out love through His children. He even takes a young family who many think should only be concerned with their own future and grants them a love so great they'll give away the car their just paying off.

Sure God could have just prevented an accident, but He chose to send one more reminder that He is all we need.

I pray you know my God. That you've trusted in Christ's finished work on the cross and repented of your sin. If you haven't then read His Word, The Bible. Start in the gospel of John. If you truly seek Him I know He will be found.

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