Friday, October 8, 2010

5 responses for the Christian community to the suicide of gay teens.

I was just reading more about the gay teen suicides. There were 6 in one week alone and that is just the ones that were on the news and caused primarily by harassment or bullying.

It's so hard to respond to situations like this. On one hand we must be sympathetic and on the other we cannot come across as supporting an unrepentant homosexual lifestyle.

The issue is really much more complex when we take the time to think about all the angles.

Below are some random thoughts I've been trying to put together concerning the Christian response.

1)No matter what the reason Christians should be on the forefront to stop all bullying and harassment. While all men are sinful we are also all created in the image of God. So no matter the reason for bullying (i.e. sexuality, body type, mental capacity) we should stand against it for the sake of the gospel. Sadly, many of the teens mocking these teens went to a weekly youth group. As much as we disagree with someone we have no right to degrade their personhood.

2)We MUST stop coarse joking in public and private about homosexuality. This isn't simply about peoples feelings, though that should play a part as we want no barriers to the gospel. It is about the how ugly and horrible sin is before a holy and righteous God. It is not something for us to laugh or joke about. Even in private we must guard our language. I remember so vividly standing next a pastor's wife on the 4th of July as she said we should let all homosexuals join the military so they could “go over there and die.” This came from a woman I respect immensely and had no idea at the time I had been caught in homosexual sin.

3)We must promote justice. While this is a very emotional issue we must guard against letting that cloud the law of the land. Some people are calling for truly intense punishment for those responsible for bullying and harassment because of their motivation. Instead we must remember that motivation should play little, if any, role in punishment. The one that stands out the most is the roommate of Tyler Clementi who film him engaged in homosexual acts and broadcast it online. While this jerk must be punished severely in accordance with the law he broke we cannot call for great punishment than if he had pulled a similar stupid stunt with a straight roommate. We serve a God of justice and must remember that.

4)We must stand against those who would call truth, intolerance. On almost every forum I visited people were bashing Christians for being intolerant of homosexuality. We cannot let their intolerance of biblical truth hold the narrative. While there are many people going around claiming the name of Christ and with the same tongue tearing down homosexual persons that is not the intent of the true Christian's heart. We speak out against homosexuality because Scripture does. We do so because we care about every homosexual person and want them to know Christ. We must speak this truth with such love that it will be clear that their hatred is of the truth of the gospel and not just the attitude of an individual.

5)And most importantly above all else we must preach the gospel. To every child, teen, adult, and elderly person; to every homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and straight person; to Budhist, Baptist, and Baha'i person; no matter the gender, race, religion, or sexual identity, there is only one message every person on this planet needs to hear and that is the good news of Jesus Christ. They need to know Him, love Him, adore him, and worship Him alone. They need to see themselves as they are broken and sinful. They must hear the call to repent and trust in Christ. None of the rest matters without the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Christ, our Hope
Jason Vaughn

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