Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Satan, Go to Hell


The following is a new piece I wrote. Before you read please know that it is graphic and it will offend those with stricter sensibilities. It's probably the most heart felt piece I've written about struggle with the despicable nature of my sin and more importantly the One who is my over-comer.

Also, while this poem is directed at Satan and demonic forces, it could also be addressed to my own sinful flesh as well. And as Michael the archangel said I presume no judgment outside what God has willed for Satan and his demons and ultimately my best response is "The Lord rebuke you." (Jude 9)

So you've been warned before you read.

Here you are again, appearing as an angel of light

You start out your offer by inciting me to flight

You want me to run, run and flee from Christ

But like Jesus in the dessert I won't let you entice

You come up behind me and whisper in my ear

You tell me of worldly pleasures hoping I will hear

You tell me how I should return to my old man

And you're so willing and give me a helpin' hand

You tell me that if I'd just turn back to the world that says it's okay to be gay

That I'll be so much happier than I am following the Way.

And you say that if i simply go back you'll make sure I have all I ever wanted

No matter how much I refuse your attacks continue undaunted

To Christ you said turn the rock into bread

And to me you say go on you know can give great head

You offer Jesus to give up the cross for a life of ease

And for me you tempt go on and just stay on my knees.

And when I say that I don't mean to be in prayer

For back then for me to know any truth was really quite rare

Eventually, when your attacks of pleasure don't work

You'll change your tactics from trying to get me to jerk

You'll start your attacks on my character next

Doing what you can to get me anxious and perplexed

It's no longer a whisper but a shout in my face

"You've fallen too much and there's not enough grace."

Or "You've not really changed you're just a fat faggot,

Your God will send you to Hell you pathetic little maggot."

Well Lucifer its true you've tricked me before

And you're right when you say I've been a great whore

You've even tempted me to end my life

And I've often held my wrist to that knife

But here is something you so often forget

You can say all you want but my eternity is set

You can speak all your lies and even half-truths

But I'll thank the I Am like at the Feast of Booths

You may know who I was but you don't know who I am

I'm no longer my own for I've been bought by the Lamb

You may think you have power

But it's your coming hour

When You will be chained

By the king who will reign

And you'll spend your days in a pit

With all the He will spit

Out of His mouth for being lukewarm

So let make sure to inform

You think you know me so well

Well Satan you can just go to Hell

So come on up Apollyon if you really want to fight,

I will not be afraid of you for I know my God is right.

I hold fast to the King's armor of salvation

And cling to the Sword, from the God above creation

And one I'll stand and cheer as I see your final defeat

I have need no to fear you for God's plan He'll complete

You and your demons will have no where to run

When the day finally comes for the return of the Son

So Satan you still think you know me so well?

Think all you want but you can still go to Hell



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