Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stop the Effeminate Slackness

I'm so tired of the effeminate Jesus of American Christianity. We need the full Christ of Scripture! The one who said take up your cross but also said take up your sword. The one that stood silent before His accusers except to proclaim "I am." the one that fed the thousands and turned over the tables. The one that was the lamb that was slain and is called the Lion of Judah!

We need the Christ with the sword coming from His mouth and the sash that says "King of kings and Lord of lords." the one whose face is like a shining sun in full strength.

That's my King! The King that doesn't need your acceptance but you need His, the King that will crush His enemies and yet died to save many. The King that suffered and died but yet rose reigns. That's my King!

That is the King we need. That is the Christ we need!

Enough of the long haired, hippy, kume by ya, Jesus! Enough of the gnostic, let's just love everybody because we don't want to make them mad Jesus.

3,000 babies a day are murdered but we should make sure we're being nice? Send that lie to the pit of Hell where it came from.

We don't need nice. We need truth.

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