Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Occupy Wall Street will Build Up Corporate America!

The Occupy Wall Street group has now been at it for about a month. While no one can really tell what is motivating each individual, the general sense is that they are anti-corporatism. Some are anti-capitalism, but I think that is the fringe of the movement.

I get that. I'm not big on the control that corporate America has either. While I shop at Wal-Mart from time to time I'd much rather visit a small retail shop or even small online business. The difference is I think the ay to make the changes is by the people making the decisions and not the government. It makes perfect sense for the CEO of Goldman Sachs to make $16,000/hr while a minimum wage worker makes $16,000/yr because the CEO of Goldman Sachs creates much more value and has infinitely more responsibility than a minimum wage employee.

Ultimately though I think Occupy Wall Street will only help build up Corporatism if they are successful. The reason is the only way they seem to be promoting their agenda is through government intervention. Parties that believe government is the way to make change are staunchly supporting these people (i.e. Labor Unions, Nazi Party, Obama, Pelosi, Michael Moore, The Socialist Party, and the Communist Party).

So if this is what the people believe will bring about their “utopia” then they will vote and encourage others to vote for democrats and other leftist parties. This will ultimately do the the opposite of what they desire.

Democrats have bailed out Wall Street and corporations time after time when they are in power because they believe they are too big to fail.

Also, they have imposed regulation upon regulation on businesses. While many may think this will hurt large companies it does the complete opposite. Large corporations quickly become the only ones with the resources to follow these regulations leading them to consolidate even more power. Or like in the case of Obamacare they are able to buy off people and opt out of these profit crushing regulations while it continues to keep small businesses from hiring employees because of the additional costs.

This vicious cycle that the left has people believing about being “for the little guy” is what has built up corporate America in the first place.

So if not government then what is the solution to helping end corporate influence?

Here are several ideas that should be considered:

1) Remember that where you spend money is where you vote. Many times large companies are the only option, but when possible try to support the small family business. Things like fresh eggs, crafts, vegetables, and other items can be found at the local farmer's market and many more items can be purchased from small online businesses all at reasonable prices. Locally owned restaurants (including local franchises) and service companies are great places to support as well.
2) Thank business owners when you visit their shop or use their service. Most have taken great risk to build up something they believe will meet your needs and desires.
3) Vote for deregulation and politicians that will deregulate whenever possible. When these barriers are removed many small business will finally be able to compete.
4) Encourage your friends and family that have been out of work for a while to start a small business of their own. Many great companies today were created in dire economic times and there are many businesses that can be started with very little money, especially service businesses (I recently read about professional pooper-scoopers that make 6 figures cleaning peoples yards).
5) Consider starting your own business on the side. Build something as a family that can help you and your community. It is a great way to train up your children for the future and it can be something to fall back on should you lose your job.

There are other ways to hinder the influence of corporations, but these are a few ways to get started that will not only limit their influence, but will also support innovation and the local economy.

If you truly ant to make a difference in your community and your country then don't fool yourself into thinking it is as simple as voting for the government to do it or that holding a sign and being angry will change things. Whether you're party of the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street you have to realize that true revolution comes from hard work. You must create something and not just wish to destroy something.

It is time to make changes in this country. It is time to stand up and let your voice be heard. So get out there and start building up your family and your neighbor. Create something that coming generations can inherit and be proud of. Remember that liberty isn't a promise of prosperity, but it is the opportunity that the bum on the street can lift himself up with the help and love of those around him and become the leader of a family, a community, and even a nation. That is a thought worth occupying.

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